Gear list

So, with the first practice leg done – an underwhelming ride of nearly 100 miles from London to Ipswich (cycling along the A12 from Chelmsford…) – and despite attempts by Google to have me murdered along wooded footpaths and private lanes (resulting in a single slooooow puncture), it is time to review lessons learnt and my gear list.


  1. Don’t leave ANYTHING on a bike in London (jumper got stollen off the back outside a Sainsbury’s);
  2. Don’t listen to Google bike route finding… Unless you have a mountain bike;
  3. Don’t put bike lock keys in silly places!

Gear List

  • Bike (Genesis Croix de Fer 10);
  • Brooks B17 saddle (black);
  • Arkel Dry-Lites waterproof saddle bags (2);
  • The North Face Base Camp Duffel XS (Sits perfectly on the back rack, and allows for impromtu hikes);
  • Snugpak 1 season sleeping bag (cheap and tiny);
  • Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner;
  • Thermarest ProLite regular sleeping mat;
  • Ex-army Goretex bivvy bag (bit bulky, but cheap and effective);
  • Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo tent;
  • Powermonkey Extreme solar charger;
  • Vango Ultralight gas stove and gas cannister;
  • Jetboil pot;
  • Spork;
  • Aplkit chopsticks;
  • Mug;
  • Gerber multitool;
  • Compass;
  • Sawyer squeeze water filtration system;
  • First Aid Kit;
  • Head torch;
  • Sun/Eye glasses;
  • Sun hat (1 – courtesy of TinPot);
  • Warm woolly hat (1);
  • Trainers (1 pair);
  • Flipflops (1 pair);
  • Cycle and warm gloves (1 pair of each);
  • Thermal leggings (1 pair)
  • Altura ProGel Liner padded under shorts (2 pairs);
  • Waterproof trousers (1 pair);
  • Waterproof jacket (1);
  • Light windproof jacket (1);
  • Light quick-drying trousers (1 pair);
  • Light quick-drying fleece (1… when not lost/stolen);
  • Shorts (1 pair);
  • Merino t-shirt and synthetic sports t-shirt (1 of each, for cycling);
  • Cotton t-shirts for the evenings (2 – TinPot);
  • Light socks (2 pairs);
  • Warm wool socks (1 pair);
  • Bike bag (for flying back for the wedding);
  • Scarf and buff (1 of each);
  • Toiletries (sun-cream, tooth brush, vitamins etc.);
  • Travel towel;
  • Chargers/adaptors;
  • Kindle;
  • Camera (Sony A7 with 3 x batteries);
  • Lenses (Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 & a Pentacon 50mm F1.8 prime lens);
  • Bike Helmet;
  • D-lock;
  • Bike multitool;
  • Truflo micro 4 mini pump (1 – I hate mini pumps… but carrying a big track-pump wasn’t really going to work this time)
  • Spare spokes (2);
  • Inner tube (1);
  • Gear cables (2);
  • Break pads (2 pairs);
  • Missing links (2)
  • Rubber patch for frayed tyre (cut from an old tyre);
  • Super patch tube repair kit (1);
  • Front and rear lights;
  • Speedo (£5 from Aldi! and it works!);
  • Komoot GPS/Map app;
  • Evolve Nexxo climbing shoes and chalk bag; aaaaaannnd,
  • Passport, phone, wallet, and documents (I hope…).

A somewhat exhaustive list, but there you have it – add food and water when underway and that’s a wrap! I think.

For an overview of my intended route from Hoek van Holland to Çanakkale take a look at my profile on Komoot:

Early morning tomorrow for the 9am ferry!

Bon Voyage mes amis,

Will update as soon as I can,



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